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Bikewrecker's Salvage Page
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Jack Daniel's old no. 7
Barbed wire stops thieves!

Barbed wire stops thieves!

Welcome to the homepage of Bikewrecker! I am a professional motorcycle wrecker from Duncan, British Columbia, Canada. I rip bikes apart for a living, but it's also my hobby. My shed is full of all the parts I've ripped off, and I've got a lot of it for sale. If you need some part just let me know - I've probably got it somewhere, or I can get it. I've put together a lot of information about bike wrecking, parts, riding, and other motorcycle related items here. Aside from motorcycle wrecking, I'm also a hardcore beer drinker, a proud smoker, and I drive a propane powered chev. I'm a modern day cowboy.

Disassembling Bikes Running a Wrecking Yard
What to do with Kawasakis Burn, Baby, Burn!
Cowboy Farming Tips for Fixin' Yer Bike
How to buy a Small Block Chev Assorted Wiring Diagrams

To contact me e-mail:

Smoke Marlboro! Smoke 'Em If You Got 'Em! Smoke Marlboro!
Barbed wire stops thieves!

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